Grovetown's Barrow becomes a highly sought after recruit

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

You probably haven't heard of the name Simeon Barrow. But you're about to. The soon to be Ggrovetown senior is turning heads all over the nation and is sought after by a number of colleges. And that list is growing daily.

Size, speed, strength.Grovetown's Simeon Barrow is the complete package. He's also one of the most sought after recruits in the area. At 6-4 and 250, with that speed, you can see why the offers have been coming fast and furious in the last year

"Real crazy like, like the offers coming, it's been real crazy" said Simeon Barrow

And the stack of mail he's gotten proves the point with Tennessee and Virginia Tech the latest. It was the one from the Vols that really got his attention

"Coach (Chris) Rumph, it was coach Rumph, from tennessee. So that was like, actually Michigian State actually. Michigan State and coach Rumph." added Barrow

The journey has been interesting. His coach at Grovetown, Damien Postell played at Auburn, but Barrow actually went to his wife to find out if he was ready.

"i didn't really think i could make it. I remember, i still remember asking his wife do you think i could go d1? I still remember that day. I just asked her, do you think i could go d1 ms. P? And she was like excuse me? Yes, of course, Simeon"

Just for added motivation thought, coach Postell pulls out his recrutimant mail! Simeon does lean on Postell for advice and the biggest he can give him.

"Just take your time. Process it through. See the schools. You've talked to each coach, you've had an opportunity to spend some time with the coaches" said Damien Postell

As impressive, Barrow is just 16. So physically, he's likely going to get bigger. He's in no hurry make a decision, but could by December, when the early football signing period opens up.