Greenbrier fishing teams seeing early success

Clarks Hill Lake is a prime location for water sports here in the river region.
Greenbrier High School's fishing team also calls it home as the new high school sport begin to grow in popularity. The Wolfpack has embraced the growth and brought home a state championship.
"Fishing is not the average high school sport. Not a lot of people know about it," said Cy Casey. "And us that aren't your average stick and ball players - we are able to compete and compete through fishing."
Casey and his partner Tanner Hadden brought home this year's fishing state championship. Greenbrier's Henry Garrett and Josh Ortt also finished behind Casey and Hadden in second. Garrett, a rising sophomore, enjoys the unique challenges of the sport.
"It's fun but it can be stressful because you're out there and you cannot communicate with any other angler," said Garret. "You don't know how they're doing. So, you just have to do your best and hope you're better than anyone else."
The two Wolfpack teams aren't rivals. If anything, they feed off of one another and drive each other to succeed.
"If someone's going to win it, i'd much rather it be Cy going out in his senior year. I couldn't think of a better way for him to go out," said Ortt.
Casey has turned his hobby into an opportunity earning a college fishing scholarship.
"I am going to attend the Emanuel College. College fishing is a lot like high school fishing, except we do not have a captain to tote us around."