GreenJackets ready for the season to start

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

North Augusta, SC--Right in the middle of all the golf we have, the Augusta GreenJackets are set to open the season on Thursday. As is the case pretty much every year, it's a week plus road trip so it doesn't coincide with the Masters.

Tuesday was picture day before they got in another workout at SRP Park. As is the case every year, a few players return while most are guys we'll have to get use to. One guy that'll stand out in a crowd, Sean Hjelle. Standing 6'11", he's number six on the Giants top prospects list. To him, that means nothing if you can't get the job done.

"I really don't pay any attention to it. Honestly, if I had it my personal way, nobody would have a number in front of them because we're all on the same boat and at the same level right now so what does that number in front of our name really matter? I'm just excited to be here, living out my dream. Every little kid dreams of playing professional baseball so I'm just excited to be here" said Sean Hjelle

Jacob Gonzalez and sean Matheny are two every day players that are back. Manager Carlos Valderram is back as well. Two years ago, he coached the Jackets when they played at the lake and is loving the new modern amenities of the clubhouse and compares it to the big leagues. GreenJackets home opener is the 15th