GreenJackets bullpen catcher embracing coaching role

Players of any sport get more credit and criticism than their coaches do. They're expected to perform and deliver under any circumstance that they're put into. There are plenty of players who owe and give their success to coaches, but there are contributors behind the scenes who help just as much.
C.J. Picerni is the bullpen catcher for the GreenJackets. He does quite a bit behind the scenes for the team and pitchers as they prepare for gameday.
"It's great helping these guys out. Whatever they need, whenever they need it," said Picerni.
He was originally drafted by the Washington Nationals and played with their Triple-A affiliate, but he's embraced his new role.
"I kind of just fell into the role. When I ended my playing, I started contacting teams. Wanted to get into the front office originally, use my degree from NYU, kind of going the sports management route. The Giants offered me this, and I kind of saw it as a foot in the door."
Picerni is out with the pitchers four hours prior to the first pitch: encouraging their strengths and helping them improve their flaws.
"I mean I love the coaching role, I love being out here with the guys. It doesn't feel like work. It's awesome. Here you actually get to teach, you get to show these guys how it is at the next level and tell them and help them out."
At 26 years old he's one of the oldest members of the team. He's not sure what he wants to do next, but the future is bright for him and his aspirations after the bullpen.
"Wherever the baseball world takes me. You know I love the coaching role like I said. I would like to end up in the front office eventually and baseball operations. I did have a job with the Arizona Diamondbacks for a couple weeks before I got drafted and went off to Florida with the Nationals, but I enjoyed that role in the office, but that's the end role for me."