Georgia planning to get better during open week

ATHENS, GA -- Georgia's off to a 4 and 0 start, which really shouldn't surprise anyone. After a huge win over the 7th ranked Fighting Irish, the Dogs can take some time to refresh and regroup as they enter their first open week of the season.

For as big as the win over Notre Dame was, it wasn't perfect. Senior kicker Rodrigo Blankenship has represented special teams so well throughout his career and even won SEC Special Teams Player of the Week honors, but special teams is something the Georgia needs to work on. A muffed punt in the second quarter was a game changing moment even as Georgia recovered.

It took Georgia until just before the first half's 2 minute warning to get on the scoreboard and trailed entering halftime. The defense kept Georgia in the game as D'Andre Swift and Jake Fromm established an air and ground attack, without which a second half comeback could've never happened. Now it's time to study the tape and figure out how to get even better.

"We struggled offensively, defense just picked up our slack. Them guys, they did it all week. They did all season, the whole season. They work so hard. Hats off to the defense. They did a great job," said Swift.

"I mean we're gonna do that [practice hard], we're gonna go to work is what we're gonna do, so we'll be doing a lot of good-on-good and getting better," said Fromm.

"We're far from perfect and we've got to get a lot better. But they'll fight you man. They'll fight you over and over again," added head coach Kirby Smart while describing his team's effort.

Georgia has two more top 10 games on the calendar right now: Florida on November 2nd and Auburn on November 16th. The Dog's are also starting full-time SEC play, with the October schedule featuring Tennessee, South Carolina, and Kentucky before their next open week.