From a torn ACL to the ace of the GreenJackets, the Seth Corry journey

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

North Augusta, SC--Just a couple of months into the season, the GreenJackets lost two of their top pitches. Ever since, Seth Corry has shined brightly in the middle of the diamond. His career was nearly derailed while in high school but his faith and modern medicine has brought him back to the top.

GreenJacket pitcher Seth Corry played both baseball and football in high school

"I was a safety and running back, kind of both, but mainly a safety." said Seth Corry

He was all set to go BYU to play baseball and they wanted him for football as well. But in his junior year in high school, everything changed when he tore his ACL

"That's all I could think about. That's the only thing that honestly mattered to me, I forgot about football, I forgot about everything and all I could think about was baseball" added Corry

That ended his football playing days and he was worreid about baseball. Following surgery and rehab, it took a little bit to get over the nervousness of pitching again.

"I was a little timid, a little nervous. But after the first couple of weeks of being healthy I kind of realized it was strong, it was healthy and nothing would happen again"

After his senior year, the giants drafted him in the third round. A life changing decision was made to go pro

"I knew that either way was right. I knew either way, what happened was suppose to happen. If the money was there and everything was right on the professional side, I would was going to take it, but if not, I knew it was the right thing as well."

He made the right choice

"I never felt like I had any regret I guess. I've always felt like this is what I was born to do, was put here to do and I love it"

Being a mormon, Corry has thought about mission trips. He's about to be married in a couple of months and somewhere down the line, they'll find time to go on one of those trips.

"Down the road with my fiance, and soon to be wife, we'll go on a church mission, for sure!"