Former North Augusta football coach returns from Italy

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

North Augusta, SC--Over the years we've gotten to know former North Augusta football coach Dan Pippin pretty well. What many might not realize, most recently Pippin was coaching football in Italy.

Just as their season was starting, it ended. Pippin, his wife, and son were there, as he had taken over as coach of the Lazio Ducks. He saw first hand how the city of Lazio and the country was shutting down right before his eyes. It became a lot more than football.

"To see my guys, not just the players, but my team President, my GM, and all the guys, all the assistant GM's and everyone who's been working so hard, to see what they had to do. Most of them had to quit working" said Dan Pippin

Pippin was able to get back to the states just before the travel ban took affect. Fortunately for the Pippin family, his GM was a pilot and was able to make arrangements to get them back stateside

"He reminded me of my family here in the states. He said, if something happens, in the future and we're not able to get you out, we would both feel real bad, so we said, yeah, we have to come back right then. I didn't feel nervous." added Piippin

Now, they are home, in Charleston and in the middle of their 14 day quartentine period. By the way, the whole family loved being in Italy and if they do start up again, Pippin will be on one of the first flights there.

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