Excitement builds at Georgia Tech for the Geoff Collins era

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Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019

Atlanta, Ga--In all the decades they've been playing football at Georgia Tech, this one may be one of the more interesting years in a long-long time. A new coach, a new system, a new brand, a new everything basically on the flats.

On Thursday, the rest of the country gets to see what kind of progress Geoff Collins has made. Sure it's against Clemson, but it'll be interesting to see the style of play the Jackets throw out there. Whey you run a triple option forever, it can be a drastic transition.

"it's not necessarily rust but there's 11 years of playing in one type of system. And now we've been on a nine-month, i don't want to call it an overhaul, but a nine-month transition from one type of system to another and every single day is a new day to get better ." said Geoff Collins

That being said, coach Collins also joked about the new position on the depth chart, the tight end, something tech hasn't had in over a decade and you have to go back to 2007 the last time one of them caught a pass in a game.

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