Evans lacrosse makes school history

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Evans, Ga--Year after year the caliber of high school lacrosse in the area gets better and better. This season, it's the Evans program that's taking a big step forward as the boys team has qualified for states for the first time ever, and doing so in just four years as a program.

They've been playing in the shadows of county rivals Lakeside and Greenbrier, but this year, has been their break out season. With a lot of football players suiting up, they've found to like the sport of lacrosse. What they would like even more, beat their biggest rivals.

"It would mean a lot. Everyone things we're the underdog, if we beat, once we beat Greenbrier and Lakeside, we'll be up there" said Jake Sanon

"That I can say there's an "IT" factor there. Our kids, they don't like those two schools and I can tell you this, I might be a Greenbrier grad, but I don't like them anymore, so we like to get after them" said Alan Troutman

The rivalry is alive and well and now, in a different sport which is good to see. The number of kids on the Evans team is also at an all-time high, which certainly helps even more.