Don't expect packed stadiums when college football resumes

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Augusta, GA--As we sit here in may we think the college football season is a long ways away. Think again. For their to even be a season, schools need to start opening back up. In the SEC, all but Vanderbilt have put a date on a calendar to welcome students back to campus.

It's just the first step of having football return. There's a bunch of hurdles that need to be cleared. One, having ample tests for players and staff. One thing's for sure though, both Georgia athletic director Greg McGarrity and South Carolina's Ray Tanner say you won't be seeing 80,000 plus fans packed in, it'll be a fraction of that.

"Right now we're approximately four months away from kick off so we still have a little time to answer some questions. It is likely social distancing will be in place at Williams Brice and our other venues. We're running models currently to see what kind of attendance we could have." said Ray Tanner

Tanner went on to say having 30,000 at Williams Brice will be a stretch and the number is likely to be a lot smaller.

Right now, 8 of 14 ACC schools have given start up dates for students to return to class.

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