Devon Young is a step closer to his Olympic dream

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Aiken, SC--Devon Young has only been boxing for about five years now. His career remains on the uptick. He just won the Western Qualifiers and has taken a big step closer to becoming an Olympian.

It's been goal of Young's since first lacing up the gloves and stepping into the ring. There's been pain and sacrifice along the way, but he's stayed true to himself and his coaches. Patience has been key. Instead of going pro and signing a promoter quickly, he's hoping a shot in the Olympics will land a bigger deal.

"It's so important just to get my name out there and get some more exposure and show everybody that I got the talent to beat these guys. My coaches have a lot of confidence in me, they want me to go out there and give it my hardest, they know I have the skill and it's setting in that I can go out there and win it" said Devon Young.

Young admits if it wasn't for boxing, he'd probably be running with the wrong crowd. His tempermment has changed since taking up the sport and this is his motivation, to become the best boxer possible. The now 21 year old has little kids looking up to him.

"I'm a role model for the little people that I'm around now. They're like you're a superstar with this right here, but when they get bigger, I'll be a role model but I have to watch out for what I do. One little mistake and I could be on the wrong end of the newspaper so I just want to tell all the kids to stay motivated and do something positive." added Young

The Olympic qualifiers for the Tokyo games are in December where eight boxers vie for that coveted spot in the 2020 summer games.