Dawgs open up camp with lots of confidence

Friday, Aug. 2, 2019

Athens, Ga--Georgia head coach Kirby Smart opened today's media day by saying talking season is over. It's time for the Dawgs to find their identity, and Smart says that's one of the most important parts of camp.

"Who we become in camp, what is our level of toughness, what is our level of effort, what is our level of commitment.. All the things we've got to be good at and we say all the time it takes what it takes. It takes what it takes to be great, so there's really no choice, no decision, It takes what it takes!" said Kirby Smart

Junior quarterback Jake Fromm downplayed his Heisman expectations and instead is focused on improving.

"I mean i want to get better on offense. I want to get better, me personally as a football player, and i want to make this team the best team i can make it in these days of camp." said Jake Fromm

Both Smart and Fromm said one of their best leaders was junior linebacker Monty Rrice. Smart expects Rice to be like a businessman, and for him that means lead by example.

"When i do something the right way, that means then Trezmen (Marshall) and Rian (Davis) and Koby (Pryz), and Nate (McBride) and Tae (Crowder) and them they're gonna be 'oh that's the way to do it.' and vice versa. when Tae (Crowder) is doing something, everyone else is watching so when he does something we know that's the right way to do it." said Monty Rice

The Dawgs aren't in full pads just yet, but will practice 6 days a week as they get ready for their season opener against Vanderbilt on August 31st.

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