Cross Creek's cross country team helps fellow competitor

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Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019

Augusta, Ga--Not all good deeds go unnoticed. Case in point, the state cross country meet. Cross Creek was there competing, but it's what four members of the boys team did that was most notable.

A young lady from Gilmer passed out on the course while running. Fortunately, Kentarius Jennings, Tobi Johnson, Andrew Zigler, and Tim Bunch were there to help out, without even knowing the young lady.

"We were just walking around the course and we just saw a girl, she passed out, and then we decided to help her" said Tobi Johnson

"Immediately I asked her what her name was, because she hit her head pretty hard and I was making sure she didn't have a concussion or anything, I tried to keep her awake. She kept going in and out" said Kentarius Jennings.

"Then me and Andrew (Zigler) we went to go find their coach and everything, and we couldn't find them, so we came back with some water and gave it to the girl" said Timothy Bunch

"Most people wouldn't mind it, and wait for people to come, but we took action, because, more people only care for themselves but you know, we have to look out for everybody else in the community." said Andrew Zigler

"I really didn't feel anyway, just felt like it would be a nice thing to do. Do something for someone who I'd hope they'd do the same for me" added Jennings

Well done young men, no matter how you did at the meet, you certainly won the day.

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