Cross Creek junior Jordyn Dorsey preparing for upcoming season

Basketball season is is still far away, but some area players are staying active. Richmond Academy hosted an area alumni game on Saturday and followed it up with a high school showcase Sunday.

One of the players to keep an eye on is Jordyn Dorsey. The Cross Creek junior enjoyed getting a chance to play in the summer and showcasing her skills.

The Razorbacks roster will be filled with young talent, but will lack experience as a result. It may take some time for Cross Creek to get going and Dorsey believes that her team will be on the map when it counts.

It'll be winning big games. Like we're trying to win regions this year. No questions about it. We try to bring consistency. A lot of our players are underclassmen. So we're really just trying to turn heads this year," said Dorsey. "Keep turning heads and keep getting better and better."

The 5'9" junior established herself after a strong sophomore campagain last season. She boasts a unique skill set and multiple playing styles. Dorsey is entering her primary recruitment year and it won't be surprising if she starts turning college scouts' heads and getting offers.