New Clemson defense ready for season

CLEMSON, SC -- It seems like it's been forever since we saw Clemson hoist the trophy high over head as they throttled Alabama to win the national title. Well, the wait is over as they take to the field for real this Thursday night.

Georgia Tech will open the season in Death Valley as Clemson starts a quest for a third title in four years. The biggest questions this year come on the defensive side of the ball. So many losses, not only up front, but in the defensive secondary. Dabo Swinney has a unique analogy with the development of these guys.

"We're changing a lot of diapers, you know. When babies are born they don't just know how to go to the bathroom, they don't know how to walk, they crawl. We got to help them along and they have to figure it out. Eventually they'll be potty trained and they can walk, but some walk sooner then others right? I think we have a talented group but we just have to go play and figure it out from there." said Dabo Swinney

Let's not sugar coat it, they'll be fine and ready for Thursday. And with the offensive firepower this Tiger team has, they can endure the growing pains.