Bri Butler excels at Duke as the talent is on and off the field

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Grovetown, Ga--Greenbrier's Bri Butler dreamed of going to Duke. They didn't off softball though til her senior season in high school. Ever since, her dream has come true.

"I remember when I first started pitching, oh, I also had stage fright pitching, don't get me wrong. I remember one time, I pitched a ball, and it went over the backstop...(Laughing) said Bri Butler

And that's how the softball career of Bri Butler started. Now, all these years later, starring on the mound for the Duke Blue Devils and has become one of the aces of the staff. Part of it, the techie in her.

"I'm a big tech nerd, so I just like seeing what little gadgets i can use to help me with my pitching. So I like to see my spin, and the speed, and what it looks like to the batter, so i can tell if it's actually moving or not" said Butler

When Butler is off the diamond, you'll find her nose in her school work, or with a musical instrument, seeing she plays about a dozen different ones.

"I remember in middle school, I got really into jazz, rock and metal, and i was like i want to learn how to play the guitar, then that's where the guitar came from. Then i started getting into folk, then I stared the ekulele, then just being a music theory nerd, just learned how to play the piano." said Butler

Her musical taste runs the gamet . Back on the diamond, it's music to her ears hearing the ball pop in the catchers glove.