Barnwell chases it's first title in 30 years

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Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018

When the high school season started if you asked me what teams would be playing the latest and had a legit shot at a state title, Barnwell would have been tops on the list. That's not hindsight, that's what a lot of folks were thinking. Now, they are 48 minutes away from winning the schools first title in 30 years.

With a high scoring offense and a defense that teams have struggled to score against, the Warhorses have all the tools. They'll need them against Abbeville, a team traditionally in the state finals. For Barnwell, it's been long in coming as they've been unable to get past the lower state finals until this past Friday.

"I can't describe it much, but it's great. Tried to get here for like two years, and just couldn't beat one team and we finally did it." said Dallyon Creech

"We got our hands full, we'll have to play the best game of the year to have a chance to beat them. We're looking forward to it, and we're going to show up and play" said Dwayne Garrick

It's an 8pm kick-off Friday at Benedict College