Augusta standout chases the dream on and off the court

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Thursday, Jan. 22, 2020

Augusta, GA--Augusta university's rafael monteiro has become one of the top players in the peach belt conference. Night after night, he delivers for the jags. For the past year and a half, he's made a major impact. For the brazilian though, he's just chasing the american dream.

Augusta University's Rafael Monteiro has become one of the top players in the Peach Belt Conference. Night after night, he delivers for the Jags. For the past year and a half, he's made a major impact. For the Brazilian though, he's just chasing the American dream.

This is the Rafael Monteiro we see. On the basketball court decked out in Augusta colors and scoring points in bunches.

This is the Monteiro almost everyone doesn't see. While he's a student, he's also working in the Augusta bursar's office, preparing for a professional career somewhere down the line

"I want to play basketball as much as I can and then after I graduate, I want to create a business, so I can help athletes, like basketball players with workouts and stuff like that" said Rafael Monteiro

Monteiro is a detail oriented guy who's never late. A 4.0 student majoring in business.He's also a big picture thinker. .

"I started with my internship last semester, because I need an internship to graduate. I love working here" added Monteiro

"He only has be asked what to do one time, and he rarely asks a question. If he does, it's because we may have left something out" said Beth Welsh

That's where his internship/job, comes into play

"It's very helpful because we work with accounts receivable and that's a part of business I never thought of as much" said Monteiro

So when he's done making deposits on the basketball court, he'll likely be back here, making deposits into his own account, running his own business.

"I have that dream for later, after I stop playing basketball. I want to come back and have my own gym here and work with American people." added Monterio

Of course Monteiro would love to play pro ball here in the states, but is willing to go to Europe or even back home to Brazil to continue his professional career. Heck, the way he's playing right now, he could end up as conference player of the year.

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