Augusta senior golfer to take advantage of the NCAA giving her a year back

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Augusta, GA--It wasn't the way any senior college athlete wanted to end their career..being told the season was over immediately. Now, the NCAA is offering a year back for spring sports kids and one Augusta golfer is taking advantage of it.

Charlotte Alran felt the punch as hard as anyone

"I always imagined how I was going to finish and you know, my last tournament, with all my teammates and we all kind of scattered everywhere when we learned the news and it was just very sad" said Charlotte Alran

Not only that, Alran was injured so she's missed some spring events. Now, that's changed knowing there's another year left

"I'm really excited to get one more year and I was a little injured as you said, so I'll just get a full, fresh start and I get to finish the way I want to hopefully" added Alran

The Jags were about to host their own tournament this past weekend. Then it all became a surreal moment.

"24 hours before they said it, we would have never thought this was going to happen and it just kind of hit us and we're like wow, this is really happening. I think none of us really saw this coming."

Alran will now apply to grad school and tee it up once again for the jags in the fall.

"I was going to turn pro and play golf, but I mean, getting more education never hurts and I'm excited to do that, just in case" added Alran

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