Augusta balances basketball and finals week

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Friday, Dec. 14, 2018

Augusta, Ga--If it seems to be a slow week on the college sports scene, that's because it is. Finals all over the country and usually, this is the time teams don't schedule a lot of games. The D2 programs aren't immune from it, thus the long layoff for Augusta University.

The jags will actually go 10 days in between games as they are next on the court Monday at Young Harris. Coaches aren't big on patience in the first place, but have to be more understanding and find the right balance of days off and practice time to stay as sharp as they can.

"My running joke is the smart guys seem to concentrate in practice more then the other guys. You know, it's a challenge. I remember as a player, I didn't like it, coming right out of an exam to a practice, so it is difficult." said Dip Metress

"Usually what I do is before practice, I try to study an hour and a half or two, go to practice, try to get some food, take a break, and then study again. You just have to manage your time. Basketball is like a sanctuary. When I get on the floor, I forget about it." said Aaron Byrd

Dip Metress says the first day after finals is usually one of the better practices they'll have. The jags hit the road and will play the next two at Young Harris and then North Georgia on Wednesday.