Augusta Sports Council awards GAMES scholarships

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Evans, Ga--A handful of area student athletes got a pleasant surprise today. The Augusta Sports Council handing out four scholarships to kids who get the work done not only on the field or court, but off it as well.

The Greenbrier trio of Abbey Steele, Kyarra Newton and Addison Cooper, along with Lakeside's Tucker Gilbert were presented big checks worth $1000 to help with college. While athletics was part of the equation for being selected, their work in the classroom and in the community also played a big role in being honored.

"I've done a lot of volunteering at Third Saturday, just some community outreach programs and soup kitchen stuff and just done a lot of work in the community." said Tucker Gilbert

"My senior project was all based on lacrosse, so I volunteered and ran a camp by myself, with the help of coach Curtis, and I volunteered at the YMCA" said Addison Cooper

The Augusta Sports Council will hand out one more scholarship on Thursday.