Augusta National #12 in 20,000 Legos!

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Undated--If we're not already missing the beauty of Augusta National already, we will be pretty much any day now. One of the most picturesque places. There have been countless painting and photographs to capture it's beauty. Now, a new medium has been used.

Lou Stagner, along with his 4th grade daughter Abby and wife Amy, have paid tribute to the 12th hole in egos. The result, simply astounding!!! They've never been here and live in New Jersey and this project overtook their basement. 20,000 legos later, a replica of the famed 12th hole that anyone has to be impressed with.

The inspiration was actually seeing the clubhouse done in legos when Abby said, "let's build a golf hole." I went from there. They actually started this way back in December and it's taken over 60 hours to finish and as you can see, has many layers to it. From the elevated tee, to the towering pines, to the viberent colors of the flowers. Rae's Creek, the Hogan bridge, and the hourglass green, this is simply incredible.

The goal is to partner with a tour player and sell it to raise money for charity. Abby's choice, to help the homeless.

There's actually a TV show now dedicated to legos and everything that can be created out of them, and of course, Legoland has been around for a while.

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