Archery provides an escape and opportunity for local tenn

High school can be tough for many people and it can be even harder to find a way to cope with the pressures that many high schoolers feel. Finding one outlet can be enough to get you through those 4 years and it may even help you in the future, just like archery did for Allie Penn.
"It's definitely been a major impact. When I first started archery I was at a really low point in school," said Penn. "And then when I started shooting, I kind of brought myself up. I knew that I had to get my grades and my school and everything good."
Penn first picked up a bow when she was in 7th grade. Her family moved prior to her starting high school and the new environment made things difficult. She was bullied and relied on archery as an escape. As her shooting got better, so did her grades and comfort through high school. She has one more event before starting college.
"Nationals is huge. My first time going I didn't expect there to be as many people as there were."
Archery's impact on Allie proved to be more than an escape. She's turned her skill into an opportunity and will continue shooting in college.
I'm going to a small school up in Ketucky. It's called Union College. I kind of came across the school -- it was nationals last year. They just had a little table set up and I left my name and number for them to contact me."
Allie will continue shooting while at Union College and continue to pursue a career with archery. No matter how good she gets, hitting the bulls eye is still one of her favorite parts of the sport.
"There's still that little bit of excitement every time I hit it. Kind of like an 'I actually did it! I actually accomplished what i came here to do!'"
Allie and her teammates are heading to nationals this weekend. They'll compete in the outdoor and 3D categories as they try to become the best in the country.