A year removed from back surgery, Hephzibah's Kendell Jackson looks forward to state meet

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Hephzibah, Ga--We're just a couple of weeks away from the Georgia state track meet as kids try to qualify their way into events this weekend in sectionals. For one young lady from Hephzibah, just running competitively is a win for her.

16 year old Kendell Jackson is looking to make states in the 200 and 400. A year ago, she wasn't even thinking of running after having major back surgery to fix her curvetiure of the spine or scoliosis. Any surgery at the age of 15 can be a frightening experience but Jackson's responded in a big way

" I was nervous because I dance and do track at the same time so I was kind of nervous that I wasn't going to be how I was then. I didn't think I'd be back on my feet doing this, so we got back on here, I got a first place and I got it." said Kendell Jackson

It's been a long road back and she had to basically learn to walk again, with her corrected spine. With the help of her parents, all the muscle memory came back and now, a year later, is on the verge of qualifying for the state track meet. Her determination has returned in a big way.

"I do want it, I do want to get there. I mean whatever it takes, I want it bad though, what ever it takes, if I have to go through everybody.." added Jackson

Jackson nearly qualified as a freshman, then, the year off , and now, a top eight finish away from reaching her goal

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