Witnesses share different accounts of "The Scene" attack

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
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Brittany Stevens was attacked outside The Scene. (Source: WRDW)

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- It's been 10 days since a brutal attack at a downtown Augusta nightclub and still, no one is in custody.

24-year-old Brittany Stevens says she was attacked by two women and a man at "The Scene."

Investigators say they know the identity of the two female suspects. They are 21-year-old Holley Carter and Jordie Holt.

 Carter and Holt are not yet in custody, as Richmond County investigators say the women weren't at the scene when they arrived and they need to learn more about what happened. They also said they originally thought this was a simple bar fight. But they told News 12 that charges are most likely coming after they realized the extent of Steven's injuries.

Brittany's mom, Donna Joyner, says her daughter thinks the attack was random. She thinks Carter and Holt may have mistaken her for someone else, and that the two women were following Stevens around all night, trying to pick a fight. She says they thought Stevens was talking to one their ex-boyfriends.

"The biggest thing she's dealing with now emotionally is just the fear and the anger and the why. Why did this happen to her?," said Joyner.

The suspects and a witness told deputies that Stevens jumped over a handrail and pulled down one of the suspect's shirts.

Another witness told deputies he saw Carter and Holt yelling at Stevens, then walk away. Afterwards, Stevens climbed over the handrail and approached the women to talk to them, but then, he said, they punched her in the face.

Steven's ex-boyfriend, who was also at the club that night, told deputies he did not witness the fight, but knew Carter and Stevens had gotten into a verbal altercation earlier in the evening.

One thing all witnesses seem to agree is that there was a third suspect involved - a man. Unfortunately, their descriptions of him are all different.

That's why Joyner is offering $2,000 out of her own pocket for information about the identity of that third suspect, or cell phone video that shows what happened.

"That was the purpose of my reward. If there's any more additional footage out there that will bring more clarity and more pieces to the missing puzzle to help the police understand why this happened," said Joyner,

An employee of IBEW, a business right across the street from the club, says surveillance footage captured the moments leading up to the fight, and showed a person taking cell phone video of the altercation. The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating that surveillance footage.

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