Weather Blog: Forecast for opening weekend of firearm deer season in Georgia

Published: Oct. 18, 2018 at 5:17 PM EDT
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​Firearm deer season in Georgia runs from Saturday, October 20th, 2018 through January 13th, 2019. The forecast for opening weekend looks breezy.

The biggest weather factor to pay attention to on Saturday and Sunday is the WIND. Conditions will be breezy before, during, and after a frontal passage this weekend. Expect winds out of the west on Saturday between 10-15 mph. Winds will turn out of the northeast on Sunday and stay between 10-15 mph.

Saturday morning will be mild with temps in the 60s, which may sound warm to hunters, but a front will be approaching and deer should be moving. Rain chances are very low on Saturday despite a front moving through. Afternoon temperatures on Saturday will range from 75-82 depending on what part of the CSRA you hunt, so dress appropriately. Temperatures will drop into the 50s Sunday morning behind the front and highs in the afternoon will stay in the 60s.

This weekend also lines up with when the rut usually starts around the CSRA. The rut is the breeding season for deer. Deer are moving around more during this time in pursuit of finding a mate. To view when the rut usually starts in your county, click here:

The CSRA is split up into 3 zones with different deer hunting regulations in each zone.

Cyan Zone Counties

Screven: 10/20-10/21 Antlered Deer Only; 10/22-1/13 Either Sex

Magenta Zone Counties

Richmond, Columbia, Burke, Jenkins, Jefferson, Emanuel, Glascock, *Hancock, Washington, and Johnson: 10/20-1/13 Either Sex

*Hunters in Hancock County are only allowed to kill bucks that have a minimum of 4 points, and one of the points on either side must be 1” or longer.

Green Zone Counties:

Lincoln, Wilkes, McDuffie, Warren, and Taliaffero: 10/20-11/2 Antlered Deer Only; 11/3-1/13 Either Sex

Counties in cyan and green zones can only harvest antlered deer this weekend. An antlered deer is any deer that has antlers visible above the hairline. Green zones will not be able to kill does until November 3rd. Counties in the magenta zone can kill either sex for the remainder of the season. For more on the regulations in your specific county, click here:

Hunters in Georgia are allowed to harvest 10 antlerless deer and 2 antlered deer during the season. One of the bucks must have a minimum of 4 points, 1” or longer, on one side of the antlers.

After you harvest a deer, Georgia law requires you to input it into the harvest record. The easiest way to do this is through the GA Outdoors App, which is free in the app store for apple and android. You can also do it online at, or call at 1-800-366-2661. Hunters must log their deer within 72 hours of the kill.

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