Volunteers warn of likely problems during Nevada caucus

(CNN) - Nevada’s Democratic Party says it is working hard not to experience the problems that plagued the Iowa caucuses earlier this month, but those overseeing the big event do not expect Saturday to be a trouble-free night.

Nevada prepares to deal with any difficulties that could come during and after Saturday's caucuses. (Source: CNN)

It’s not just the outcome of Saturday’s Nevada caucus that’s in doubt, but whether Nevada Democrats can pull it off.

Volunteers were shown a webinar on the "caucus calculator" they'll use to tabulate results.

The training session included screen shots of the calculator, but they didn’t show it in action, meaning no hands-on experience.

After many voters stood in long lines this weekend, they may not have their ballots counted because they either didn't choose all three options or didn't sign their ballots.

The Nevada Democratic Party wouldn't give a specific number of invalid ballots.

William McCurdy, Chair of the Nevada Democratic Party, said it is “a very small percentage.”

The Democratic Party says it will be up to the campaigns to tell voters with invalid ballots that they can still come back on Saturday to have their vote counted.

Combining the information from the early vote with the people who show up for the caucuses Saturday could be tricky.

More than 26,000 people showed up to cast their support for their candidate during the first two days of early caucusing, more than 25% of the total number of people that caucused in 2016.

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