USC Aiken students scoot-scoot across campus with new tech

Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019
News 12 This Morning

AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- There are plenty of ways to get around a college campus, but USC Aiken has a new way​ - scooters. The new transports require nothing but the click of a button, and they rolled onto campus this year.

It's a trend that's taken over big cities across the country. It didn't take long for them long to slide onto campus.

"It allows [students] to go from housing to the middle of campus, to Walmart maybe to the Haven so it gives them more options," said Ross Philbeck with campus recreation and wellness.

USC Aiken got 100 scooters for the start of this school year. They average about 150 rides a day.

"So far, I've been loving them. It's been making transportation a lot easier. I've been getting to my classes a lot quicker and there's also just having fun," said USC Aiken student Q'Ladrin Qourters.

Even students like Jake Norton, who don't use the scooters that often, can see they're hit. But of course, not every student is on board.

"There are definitely students that don't like them at all," Norton told us. "But then a lot of those who have never tried riding them before."

Students can use the scooters by opening an app to pay and unlocking them. These scooters aren't just limited to USC Aiken.

"It allows them to go outside beyond campus so this isn't just on campus. They're allowed to go to Walmart or to restaurants downtown."

The scooters can go as fast as 17 miles an hour, but they're limited in certain areas on campus. Some students say it could even be a recruiting tool.

"I think it would attract people for sure, [like] a lot of students that would come and tour."

The rides are relatively cheap. It's a dollar to unlock the scooters and 15 cents per minute.

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