This couple was supposed to have their dream wedding in March, but the coronavirus changed everything

(Source: WRDW)
(Source: WRDW)(WRDW)
Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 5:16 PM EDT
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Thursday, March 26, 2020

News 12 at 6 O’Clock

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- Maybe the coronavirus canceled your plans. Let’s face it, it’s really canceled what we consider normal.

But one CSRA couple who was supposed to get married this weekend had to cancel their entire wedding.

Since September, Ashley and Elijah knew they were going to tie the knot at Kiokee Baptist.

“We were putting things together -- putting finishing touches,” Elijah said.

But plans for tying the knot became entangled with executive orders, guidelines, and distancing.

The couple thought they knew what makes a wedding, but a week ago, they found out that holy matrimony needs no crowd.

Yes, they had their own wedding -- without anyone in attendance.

“For us, it was more about maybe not getting it how we want done, but we go what we want done,” Ashley said. “We got married, and everyone was kept safe, and we didn’t put anybody at risk that way.”

Being this graceful after being robbed of control, it’s a product that only comes from years worth of experience. Both of them have been robbed of much thanks to Cerebral Palsy.

“We have so much in common already,” Elijah said.

“But we have just enough differences when it all shakes out,” Elijah said. “I’m right side dominant. She’s left side dominant. So even the way we sit together and cuddle on the couch matches up.”

For the newlyweds who’ve overcome plenty of challenges individually, they’ll rise above many more as long as they’re not a part -- not even 6 feet.

“I knew after that first date,” Elijah said.

“When that bus came and picked her up, I was waiting for my ride, and I watched the lift load her up into the bus,” Elijah said. “I knew in my heart this was going to be the woman I marry.”

Well, maybe some things you can always know. After all, they knew they’d have a special day, and after all, they really did.

Ashley and Elijah tell us once the spread of COVID-19 is no longer a threat, they’ll have a big reception party to make up for the wedding.

Even though they were a little disappointed, they and some of their family members are at a higher risk of the virus, so they say they’re happy because they made a responsible choice.

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