This $100M project will bring Aiken County's stormwater system to the modern age

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019
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AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WRDW/WAGT) – Stormwater flooding is a big problem along Whiskey Road that county leaders are trying to tackle.

Now, the long overdue $100 million stormwater project there has finally started. The project will bring the more than 70-year-old system there into the modern age.

“They'll be working for a full 18 months, so they're 5 months into that period,” Camille Furgiuele with Aiken County Council said.

The project may be the biggest road project they’ve ever done.

"Once we manage the stormwater, we want to close those trenches on either side of Whiskey Road,” Furgiuele said.

The Whiskey Road plan is coming in phases. First will be rerouting piping, them filling in ditches that flood and present safety hazards along the 9-mile corridor.

"There will be piping put in there to bring the stormwater to the area,” Furgiuele said.

They're looking at pumping water towards the Powderhouse and Banks Mill Road areas.

"We've both said as bodies that we don't want another study done,” Furgiuele said. “What we want is a solution."

Aiken Mayor Rick Osbon says this plan is also good for the city where erosion from stormwater has eaten away at Hitchcock Woods for decades.

“Really resolve and make a difference for what is, on our side of the river, the biggest traffic problem in the CSRA,” Osbon said.
Once they've tackled stormwater, they’ll move on to redesigning the road completely.

Right now, more than 45,000 cars travel on the road daily and there is an average of 200 accidents a year. They want to make it safer.

Right now, Aiken County and city leaders are putting in a combined $15 million. But they know they need a lot more to get the job done over several years, so they're applying for grants.

Furgiuele says they hope to go out to bid by fall of 2020. At that point, if all goes well, construction can begin.

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