The memories at Pullman Hall will continues long after the embers stop smoldering

Wednesday, May 15, 2019
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AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) – Before it was a distribution center, Pullman Hall was a popular spot for weddings and receptions.

In 1992, Dr. Roosevelt Isom had his wedding reception there.

'When you come through the door straight ahead we had our cake setup and we had three different eating stations,” Isom said.

He remembers his wedding reception in Pullman Hall like it was yesterday.

“When my wife picked it out, from the outside it didn't look like much, and when we got in and took a look around it, was just the ideal place for us,” Isom said.

Their wedding was in May 1992. Dr. Roosevelt married his wife Barbara alongside their wedding party of 52 people.

“That particular day they decorated it and just had everything basically as perfect as can be,” Isom said.

Twenty-seven years later, Isom stares at rubble after a fire gutted the building.

“When I saw what has transpired back here, it did bring back some memories, and I hate to see the place like this,” Isom said.

As of Wednesday, only a few brick walls remain.

“There's nothing there, you know, and just like anything else in life when you've been a part of something and something transpires, a piece of you goes with it,” Isom said.

Wedding receptions were just one of the events held in Pullman. Others said they attended Christmas parties, work get-togethers, and even a World Cup viewing party.

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