Talks linger for long term solution over animal care in North Augusta

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January 9, 2019
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NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WRDW/WAGT) -- Friends of North Augusta Animals and the City itself both agree there's a problem.

But heated public exchanges this week have broken lines of trust.

Tyler Galles with Friends of North Augusta Animals says goals are set but meeting those goals seem to be up in the air.

"We leave with goals, but there's no sense of when they're going to be done."

I'm not sure why this issue is being drummed up the way that it is," says Todd Glover, City Administrator.

FONAA released this petition titled "Stop Convenience Killing of Animals in North Augusta" on Monday.

In it they ask the city for more transparency, less euthanizing of animals, and vet care in the city animal control facility.

"I find that inflammatory," Glover says.

This came as a surprise to some city officials, who say not only is their vet care, but that out of 95 animals euthanized last year, only 8 were adoptable.

Glover says none of the animals were euthanized out of convenience.

The City administrator and FONAA say before this petition talks were going well.

Tyler Galles says they met with the city administrator in September and in December.

But FONAA wants action.

"We are frustrated because we feel the communication could be better," Galles says.

City Administrator Todd Glover says the city does not have the money for a shelter, but he hopes a new agreement to surrender some animals to Aiken's shelter will help.

"That's the way we have to go, instead of taking volunteers out to the existing holding facility," says Glover.

The next step both entities are working towards a separate adoption facility in North Augusta.

"FONAA says they appreciate what the city has done so far but they want things to happen more quickly. Glover is urging them and the community to have patience. He says they're working towards a better solution and will act as soon as they have it.

The city administrator says he doesn't want more volunteers where they keep the animals. He says there are legal and safety reasons for that.

FONAA disagrees, but say they would be open to sending volunteers to a separate adoption facility if the city funds one. The city says they're working on that now.