Stylish goat turns heads on social media!

Published: Apr. 30, 2019 at 12:04 PM EDT
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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

NORTH CAROLINA (CNN) -- A goat from North Carolina is making a name for himself on social media. You actually might have seen some of his videos on Facebook already.

"This is Billy's outfit. He has on his khaki's and things," said Jo'Lee Shine, mom to Billy Gotti the goat.

Billy is probably The most stylish animal you could ever meet. Mom buys him fresh threads as often as she buys them for herself.

"My son stays fresh. He stays fresh."

He's also pretty famous, with more than 50,000 followers on Instagram and 80,000 likes on Facebook.

Jo'Lee made social media pages for the goat with tons of videos showing their daily shenanigans. Each post has thousands and thousands of shares.

For one reason or another, people just can't get enough of the duo. One Instagram user said, "this is my new favorite Instagram account." Another said, "OMG I love him. This is too cute."

"It all just went everywhere; This was not intentional. It just happened," Jo'Lee said.

It all started when jo'Lee says she was lonely. She doesn't have any kids, so she thought, why not buy a goat?

"I was raised on a farm, we had cows, we had pigs, so one day I just started looking up goats."

Now she considers billy to be her child, and he's living the good life!

"He is such a good baby."

Jo'lee takes Billy along with her when she runs errands, like when she needs to go to the store.

"He goes everywhere with me, everywhere," she said.

The goat mom says it isn't all just for the follows, likes or shares. Billy makes people feel good too. In one Facebook video, Billy visited and shared some love with someone at a retirement home.

"Anywhere he actually goes. We were here at the park and the kids absolutely love him," Jo'Lee said about her beloved pet.

Jo'Lee said she'll keep sharing videos of Billy so he can continue to spread joy, whether through social media or in real life.

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