Study: Faking a smile at work is linked to heavier drinking

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Friday, April 12, 2019

(WRDW/WAGT) -- Raise a glass if you've had to fake a smile at work.

Well, apparently you'd be more likely to raise that glass because of having to smile more at work.

According to a study from Penn State and the University at Buffalo, research says they "found a link between those who regularly faked or amplified positive emotions...and heavier drinking after work."

"Faking and suppressing emotions with customers was related to drinking beyond the stress of the job or feeling negatively," professor Alicia Grandey said. "It wasn't just feeling badly that makes them reach for a drink. Instead, the more they have to control negative emotions at work, the less they are able to control their alcohol intake after work."

So, what do researchers suggest? They say it might be better for employers to give employees "a little more autonomy" at work instead of forcing an emotion that might not be there.