Still no updates to Augusta parks: City says they are waiting for pricing & total list of upgrades

Wednesday, October 9, 2019
News 12 at 6 o'clock/NBC at 7

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- While the city has settled its claims involving Flemming Park, it has not settled on its promise to the community.

News 12 talked to leaders about the delay in repairs at Augusta parks. Shockingly slow, considering 8 months ago, the city voted to do emergency repairs immediately.

For example, Dyess Park plans here are still in limbo. There's a lot of work happening at the corner of this block but none of it is for Dyess Park.

Back in January, News 12 found the park was cited dozens of times for safety violations over the years, many of which had been fixed. But the city still shut it down because of lingering safety hazards.

Getting it right seems to be taking a long time. To fix Dyess, the city estimates it could cost up to $1 million. But actual plans to do that are still in limbo.

That seems to be a pattern for other parks too, like the one Charles Levette visits with his grandkids.

He's a man of few words but when he does have something to say, he says it.

"They need to do something about it, you know, get it straight," said Levette.

Eight months ago, the city voted to immediately repair and replace all wiring and lighting at parks that needed it. The city hasn't done that because leaders say they're waiting on reports with pricing and the total list of upgrades.

"We just want to do an assessment of all of our facilities so when a recommendation takes place, want to make sure the research has been done," said Bill Fennoy, with district 1.

There are at least three parks, Dyess, Flemming, and Henry Brigham, where commissioners asked for design plans and final answers sooner than later. But from where Charles Levette is sitting "sooner" is not coming fast enough.

In the next few weeks, the recreation director is supposed to come back to commission with an updated research report. That's when they're hoping to get the ball rolling on these delayed repairs.