High school course offers the hope for a better future for students when it comes to finances

Monday, August 12, 2019
News 12 this Morning

WARREN COUNTY, Ga (WRDW/WAGT) -- Sometimes life hits us hard. Senior year may have just begun for Zaria Hubert, but the thought of college is the only thing on her mind.

"Being that I am a senior and that's where you really have to buckle down and start doing more," Hubert said.

Hubert says money is the biggest concern when she thinks about college. However, her school, Warren County High School, is hoping to prepare her for the challenges she'll face dealing with money now and week into the future.

Teacher Scott Swann is aiding in those efforts. He says students in his class will learn how to handle bank accounts, savings accounts, and checking accounts. Of course, Swann says, they'll be learning about debt.

This is the first year the personal finance class will be taught at Warren County High.

The curriculum is developed by businessman Dave Ramsey, but students will also hear from community members, sharing their own financial mistakes and successes.

"Sometimes hearing from a teacher everyday they sometimes forget that we are real people with real struggles," Swann said. "By bringing people in from the community you know, come in and speak honestly about their financial successes as well as their failures goes along way to making everything we learn in the classroom real. "

The first panel left students with the urge to save money, create a budget, and for students like Hubert, the class gave them hope for the future.

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