Special election highlights two competing visions for Grovetown

Monday, Feb. 11, 2019

GROVETOWN, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- To Allen Transou and Marsha Keating, two candidates for a recently vacated Grovetown City Council seat, it’s a time of change in the city.

“You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution,” Transou said. “I like to see myself as being part of the solution.

“I am excited about being able to help, being able to make a difference, being able to talk to people,” Keating said.

One of these two candidates will fill the spot long held by Councilman Dennis Trudeau, the stepfather of former city clerk Vicky Capetillo, who sits in federal prison after stealing $900,000 in city funds.

That financial pain is still felt in Grovetown today.

"Nepotism still exists in the city,” Transou said. “Maybe on a smaller scale, but it still exists. Those problems need to be rectified. There's still a level of accountability."

"I was one of the people that did not believe she stole all this money,” Keating said. “I just cannot understand how it wasn't caught."

As the leadership changes, both say growth is inevitable. But they have different ideas about the problems that come with it.

"The future for Grovetown is the city is growing fast, but all growth in this case is not necesarily so good,” Transou said. “Some of the properties that are for low-income families are disappearing. Affordable housing is a major issue for our City."

"With all the growth we're having and with gate six coming in, we need some more pedestrian access,” Keating said. "Part of my platform that we really need to get on is retainment of our DPS. We are losing our police officers, we need more fireman."

"Focus on the things that are important that will bring credibility back to our city, restore confidence in the city government,” Transou said.

Voter registration for the special election is next week. Absentee and early voting begin Feb. 25.