Barnwell father and son business duo help big name Olympians

Published: Aug. 10, 2016 at 6:47 PM EDT
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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

BARNWELL, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Barnwell is a small town, but this father and son are making a big splash all the way at the Rio Olympics without having to even book a flight.

"We are proud to represent our community and help these athletes," said Don Alexander.

From their small home grown office, Don and Daniel Alexander treated Olympic Athletes uniforms with an insect repellent that will protect them from getting the Zika Virus.

"These garments are infused with millions of capsules of MRIII Insect repellent, so as your body moves, your normal movement it ruptures capsules and releases the repellent," said Alexander.

"When the Olympics found out that this insect repellent could be a good tool in trying to protect the athlete from the Zika Virus we were contacted by our chemical partners Pulcra Chemicals," said Alexander.

They treated the entire men's water polo team, the jackets of the women's water polo team and six swimmers on the U.S. Swim team. They even got to meet some of the athletes they were helping, snapping a cool picture with gold medalist Ryan Lochte.

"It was neat to go up to Charlotte and be able to meet the athletes and watch them compete. To hear them express their gratitude for what we were able to do for them. It means a lot. ," said Daniel Alexander.

It was no small feat though getting all the athletes gear safe and ready for Rio. The process takes time and the athletes didn't have much of it before the games.

"The swim team contacted us on a Thursday. They were departing on Monday," said Alexander.

Now, The two have a new reason to tune into the Olympics other than to cheer on their favorite athletes. They're watching their gear get put to the ultimate test.

"Of course and we were glad to do it," said Alexander.

The name of this company is Anovotek. They say other companies are doing similar things, but what makes them different is that they can treat garments that have already been made and infuse the repellent in after the fact, which made them perfect for the Olympians who already have uniforms made.

This anti-mosquito technology is available here in our area. It's not expensive.

It would cost you less than 10 dollars to treat a t-shirt. Learn more at