Size doesn't matter when it comes to Warren County Schools

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

WARRENTON, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Warren County Schools might be one of the smallest school systems in the state with just over 600 students -- but that's not stopping them from doing big things.

They kicked off the new year implementing a new program that blends things form the Ron Clark Academy and P.B.I.S. It is called the Warren County Way.

"We have been a diamond out here for a long time -- a jewel not many people know about," Warren County Superintendent Carole Jean Carey says.

Earlier this year they were named Georgia Charter System of the Year, they are hoping the Warren County Way just adds to their success.

Warren County High Principal Trevor Roberson says, " We're looking for ways to improve school spirit and school pride and to foster a sense of competition with our students."

Teachers and administrators have been implementing these techniques this school year. "We have three over arching things -- we are positive, respectful and responsible," Carey says.

On top of those three things -- there are expectations they have for their students. Six different non-negotiables for the children.

Carey says this is all about setting the students up for success, "We do a lot to help them feel good about what they do to relieve redundancy and paperwork and stuff like that."

Not only were changes made to make lessons more engaging but teachers and staff transformed their classrooms on their own over the summer. Each with a unique personality, something the school wants teachers to embrace. "Be the maverick, be outrageous, your kids deserve it.," Carey says.

Administrators say another thing that has helped them be so successful over the years is the support from parents and the community. "Our strength is in our people," Carey says.