Severe storm rolls mobile home, throws husband out bedroom window

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BUFFALO, Tex. (KBTX) - A Texas couple feels fortunate after high winds swept rolled their mobile home, throwing Clayton Cox out the window while his pregnant wife Kymber was inside.

Clayton Cox was thrown out the window of his mobile home when a storm blew the structure off its foundation and rolled it. He only got a few scrapes and cuts.(Source: KBTX)

"It just kind of kept on rolling. My wife was in the bathroom. It threw me into the wall and out the window," he said.

The storm blew in at about 2 a.m. Thursday, knocked their mobile home off the foundation, and rolled it several times – landing right side up.

Cox said he was thrown out the bedroom window. The house continued to roll. Amazingly, he wasn't crushed.

"I've got two big gashes and they put some staples in. I got a bump on my head," Clayton Cox said.

His wife has a bunch of road rash and cuts and went to the doctor to be checked out, but she’s OK.

"My wife is 11 weeks pregnant, so thank God's everybody's OK," he said.

"[The storm] kind of sounded like the movie 'Twister'," Clayton Cox said. "The hard swoosh of the wind and then a bunch of clanging and banging is what it sounded like. Then it was over, so it was really loud, but it was it was bearable," he said.

A nearby church has a message about the wicked weather. The Hiway Tabernacle Church of God said: "Forecast for tomorrow. God reigns and the sun shines."

It's a sentiment shared by Cox.

"You know, God works in mysterious ways. That's about all you can say. I mean, a house rolled over the top of me as I went through the window and I'm still here talking to you. I've got stitches or staples and that's it, so praise God," he said.

The family does have insurance to help pick up the pieces. Leon County was already cleaning up debris from Saturday's storms. Last week an EF-1 size tornado touched down in parts of that county damaging eight homes.

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