Richmond County deputies help fulfill boy with autism's dream to become a cop

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Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019

AUGUSTA Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Two Richmond County deputies are being recognized for making a young boy's dreams to become a cop come true.

Deputy Alphonso Forrest Jr. shared the sweet story on his Facebook page.

“Today, me and my brother went to go see Tristan for his birthday," Deputy Forrest Jr. said. "Tristan suffers from autism and his dream is to become a cop. Although, with his condition, he will probably never become one."

Deputy Forrest Jr. says that Tristan's mom told him and his brother, Joshua Freeman, how fascinated the boy is with cops and their patrol cars. That's when they came up with the idea to give Tristan the chance to be a cop.

"Not only will he be a cop today, he received some gifts from us as well," Deputy Forrest Jr. said. "The little time we did spend with Tristan today was truly a blessing. He doesn’t care how the world views him. He is doing what he want without fear."

Deputy Forrest Jr. says the smile on Tristan's face says it all.

"He can’t really communicate how his experience was but the smile he is wearing today tells it all." Deputy Forrest Jr. said. "He will never forget it. I always tell myself, be yourself...the world is going to view how they want to view you regardless."

Deputy Forrest Jr. says he wants to remind people to always be kind and treat others right.

"Happy birthday, Tristan and thank you for allowing us to spend it with you!” Deputy Forrest Jr. said.