Richmond County deputies to get raises

Published: Nov. 21, 2018 at 7:19 PM EST
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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Raises are on the way for deputies in Richmond County.

The city approved the 2019 budget on Tuesday. Up until this point, there was some pushback. The sheriff told commission he's losing officers, and the workload is going up while salaries go down. But in the end, the sheriff got the money he asked for.

"Unlock it, ah, there we go," said Brenda Wright, who lives in Richmond County.

Wright, along with her food takes long walks off Barton Chapel Road.

There's road work happening but this it's not exactly what this area is known for.

“Bullets ain’t got no names on them,” said Wright.

She remembers the last deadly shooting here. It was just over a month ago. A Glenn Hills student was killed at the S&S food store.

“It aint us dying no more,” said Wright. “It's the young ones dying.”

In her 61 years, she walked much of Richmond County. The routes changed over time, but her concern stayed the same.

“You can hear alot of shooting going on,” said Wright.

Deputies came to her neighborhood regularly but so did the shootings.

“It aint going to be sorry, I didnt mean to do it "sorry" aint never bring nobody back,” said Wright. “I aint seen nobody come back from "sorry" yet.”

Wright hopes the $680,000 for Richmond County deputies change her community.

“Well it should help some, it should help some,” said Wright.

The sheriff says it will help.

“Cause all we're doing in investing in the city and investing in the men and the women who protect this city,” said Richard Roundtree of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

Initially, the city administrator cut his fund request by half.

“You ask them to continue to do their jobs with less pay than the surrounding agencies doing sometimes 10 times more work, that's not fair to the citizens of Richmond County,” said Roundtree.

Six figures later and two years worth of debate, the sheriff says the win for his deputies and citizens was a long time coming

This money would also raise the starting salary for new deputies. The sheriff says he wants to keep a competitive salary in this region so he can keep quality officers.

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