Residents near Fort Gordon eagerly await end of road work as gate six progresses

Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020
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Fort Gordon's gate six is still under construction, but road work by Georgia Department of Transportation officials almost complete. (Source: WRDW)

FORT GORDON, GA (WRDW/WAGT) – For almost a year and a half, we’ve been seeing road crews widening Gordon Highway as the post works on a brand new gate six.

But the work there is far from finished. How much longer will it take?

They are almost halfway done. Crews are laying asphalt and putting those final touches in for the eastbound side. So once eastbound is done, they'll redirect traffic and close the westbound side.

Those who live in Grovetown know the drill. Sit and wait in traffic, and pray for the construction to end.

"It's so heavy like in the morning time,” Melvin Cobb, who lives off Robinson Avenue, said. “I come out of Summerfield where I live, you can't hardly get out."

Robinson Avenue is home to Fort Gordon gate two and three and soon to be gate six.

"I'll probably be an old man by the time they finish it,” Cobb joked.

Kyle Collins with GDOT says widening 2 1/2 miles of Gordon Highway from two to four lanes is no easy task.

"It's a massive undertaking if you think about it,” Collins said. “Two and a half year project, there's a lot going on this is a busy area."

While construction may be a pain, it's for a project much-needed. During peak times, about 3,000 cars travel to and from Fort Gordon every hour.

"As everyone knows, the growth in the Augusta area and Columbia County area specifically with Fort Gordon and all the expansion they're having and their plans to expand to the new gate six, this is all supportive of that effort,” Collins said. “Traffic volumes have continued to increase, traffic study projections have been increasing even more."

So while there's half of the project left to go, drivers can feel a little bit of comfort knowing we're half way there.

"The plan is now to finish all paving in this eastbound direction, get all the guardrail in, the striping, safety measures. And then actually shift traffic over to these new lanes,” Collins said.

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