"Remember you are dreaming," Augusta artist says as she continues to chase her dreams

Wednesday, March 13, 2019
News 12 this Morning

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Jacki Van Dyke is known for utilizing vibrant colors and an array of mediums. Now her work lines the walls of the Westobou in downtown Augusta.

"I use a lot of very bright colors and place natural things in very unnatural settings sometimes," Van Dyke said.

She's an Augusta native who is using her artwork to inspire people to dream. She explained her vision through the eyes of a child.

"If you look at the way a child looks at the world, it's beautiful and it's a shame that so many of us lose that in our adult lives. We work and we work but what are we living for?" Van Dyke said.

Her curiosity with art started when she was a child herself. Van Dyke said she can recall drawing as young as five years old.

"I use to just draw girls faces, and I remember I had a technique I would draw a U for the face and then, you know, the little eyes with the circles and then a smiley face and then the little swirls for the bangs," Van Dyke said.

Her multi-dimensional work has been featured throughout downtown Augusta. However, she feels that her work is now the best its ever been.

"Within the last few years I feel l like I finally found my voice, so I think my work is now a reflection of my soul," Van Dyke said.

Yet, she's never quite satisfied. To her, that's a good thing and an incentive to get better.

"I wouldn't change anything because i want to constantly be learning and making mistakes has been like the most important thing and realizing that has only helped me," Van Dyke said.