RCSO: There was no way to know Highland Ave. crash suspect was in three crashes the same day

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- We're learning more about the man who was killed after crashing into another car on Highland Avenue last week.

Kevin Wells had been in multiple accidents that same day before hitting and killing another driver, Cassandra Roselli. Wells had a probation sentence for a 2013 wreck – one where he pleaded guilty to being on drugs when he crashed.

Now, the Richmond County Sheriff's Office says their deputies don't know whether someone they pull over was in a crash earlier in the same day because it takes at least one full day for reports to "merge".

That means they didn't know Wells had already been in a crash by the time the second or third crash happened that Tuesday. The only way the deputy would have known was if the same deputy responded to both calls.

We also watched footage from a body cam from that 2013 crash Wells had. Near the end of the tape, Wells said he was hypoglycemic.

It's unclear whether Wells' medical history was a factor in the Highland Avenue crash.

The responding crew had no way to tell the Highland Avenue crash was Wells' third time causing an accident. Since his probation sentence allowed him to drive, and he still had his license, nothing in the system would immediately alert deputies.

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office's system would have taken a day or two for all the reports merge. Nothing is automatic or instant.

The only way for the sheriff's office to have known what happened would have been if Wells had admitted it or the same officer pulled the person over each time.

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