Protecting your peepers during the eclipse

Published: Aug. 15, 2017 at 4:44 PM EDT
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - We are now just six days out from the eclipse. Many of us will never forget what we will see on Monday while others may never see it again.

The light from the sun during the eclipse will be so powerful and so blinding that it could make people go blind. "Right in the middle of the retina is an area where our very sharp vision is that's what would be burned by the sun." Dr. David Bogorad is an expert on lens. He's an ophthalmologist and a photographer.

"The retina you know is like the film in a camera so it's the part of the eye that's actually sensitive to light," said the Chairman of Ophthalmology at Augusta University.

It only takes seconds of looking directly into the sun during the eclipse to destroy eyesight.

"If you focus the suns rays on that retina within few seconds the retina will be cooked it will be like cooking an egg," warned Dr. Bogorad. Even staring at a tiny sliver of sunlight during the eclipse could cause reversible damage. "You know how you may look at a bright light and you may see the after image for a few second? Well the problem with this is you get a severe after image and it never goes away. The retina doesn't have any pain fibers in it so you don't feel it so you're just destroying your vision."

He says it's crucial for people to wear proper protection during the eclipse. "No regular sunglasses of anytime that are dark enough. One thing is for sure if you can see through the glasses in a room full of light they are not dark enough," Dr. Bogorad said.

When using eclipse glasses:

1. Make sure you use certified eclipse glasses.

2. Check for any pinholes in the glasses.

2. Supervise children and make sure the glasses fit them.

The one part of the eclipse when you can safely remove your glasses is during totality. Totality is when the moon completely covers the sun but put your glasses back on as the sun comes back out.