Preventing pests from entering your home this Spring

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Monday, March 6, 2017

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- As we head into Spring, we are also heading into critter season. You could see more insects in and around your home.

Mosquitoes, ants, termites; all insects we are starting to see as the weather warms up, and they will use any cracks in your home to get inside.

Pest experts are warning homeowners to be on the lookout for any termite activity.

Termites cause some of the worst damage to your home. Van Wagner of Arrow Exterminators says they cause more damage than fires and storms combined, and they can live in your home for years before you notice them.

"You may come home at the end of the day and see several hundreds of even thousands of little black insects in your window sill, and at your doorway, so don't assume that its ants, a lot of people do," said Wagner.

Warning Signs of a Termite Infestation:

- Termite wings which are thin, papery wings and typically found near window sills or floors.
- Mud tubes built by termites to connect them from the soil to their food source.
- Distorted areas of paint or wood surfaces which appear "bubbled" or cracked.
- Hollow-sounding wood
- Frass or termite droppings is a sign of dry wood termites and has a hard, gritty feel to it.

To keep the pests away from your home, Wagner says keep water away and eliminate moisture. Make sure your gutters are cleaned out properly, trim your hedges and other shrubberies away from your home, including tree limbs.

Here are some other recommendations:

- Eliminate moisture around foundations. Also, divert water from the house by using proper downspouts and gutters because termites are attracted to moisture.
- Do not stack firewood or lumber near your home. Termites can burrow into the woodpile and then right into the home.
- Remove old tree stumps in the yard.
- Avoid excess piles of mulch since this is a favorite food source for termites.
- Reduce humidity in crawl spaces with proper ventilation.
- Have your home inspected annually by a licensed pest professional who specializes in termite control. If you have termites, protection is necessary to maintain your coverage and renew annually.

So, if you see any swarm of insects near or in your home; you should have it inspected.