Over 1,300 evacuees from Chatham County enjoying temporary home in Richmond

Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019
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AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) – More than 1,300 evacuees from Chatham County are making Richmond County their temporary home as Hurricane Dorian dances up the Georgia-South Carolina coast.

Augusta-Richmond County officials have had to spend time ironing out the kinks and helping evacuees get consistent access to the things they need.

As of Wednesday, seven schools and one church are operating as shelters with many thankful evacuees taking advantage.

But still, for many evacuees like Mary Bohanon, having to leave home is a headache.

"I was more aggravated with the packing, and the whole process of having to leave your home,” Bohanon said.

Bohanon and her family is living in a gym, sleeping on cots at Cross Creek, but still it’s comfort in a time of uncertainty.

"It's been pretty peaceful,” Bohanon said. “Everything is pretty smooth going. Things are still quite unorganized, but that is expected with all the chaos and things going on.”

Consandra Wright is a fellow evacuee at Cross Creek. In the three times she’s evacuated Chatham, she only had to worry about the home she left behind. But this time, her mom and sisters are still in Savannah.

Even with the worry of the storm, there's some relief having the support from Richmond County.

It was a long trip here on the buses -- 6 hours from Chatham instead of 2 hours because of all the evacuation traffic. Patience, she says, is now deserving of rest, and yes, an adult beverage.

“Yeah,” Wright said. “That’s all I’m going to say.”

Dorian may soon hit Georgia coastal counties, but in the midst the storm, she's grateful the community has come together.

"Y'all nice,” Wright said. “Y'all treat us good. Every time we come, never had no problems.”

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