Other ways you can donate used toys for Christmas

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Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016

(WRDW/WAGT) -- Feeling charitable this holiday season? There are lots of good girls and boys who for one reason or another may not get to see presents from Santa Claus this year. There are plenty of ways you can help give them a great Christmas, by donating toys.

Agencies like Toys For Tots are accepting donations, but there are other ways you can donate toys. According to MoneyCrashers, donating used toys can help clear out your home and do some good at the same time. Getting those toys cleaned, assembled, and working is the first step, after which you need to find a place that accepts toy donations

Here are some places they recommend if you want to get rid of toys:

- Resell Charities: Thrift stores such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army accept toys and then put them on the store floor for others to buy. Any proceeds they collect is put back into programs that benefit the needy in the community. If your donation is accepted, its a great way for families to have access to low-cost toys.

- Local Shelters and Children's Centers: Local shelters and children's charities likely accept toy donations. You need to call ahead, however, as some charities won't accept toy donations.

- Preschools and Nurseries: Preschools and nurseries may be in need of gently used toys. Again, be sure to call before you bring in a donation.

- Church Charities: Churches are tax-exempt organizations, so you can claim a deduction if you donate old toys to a church nursery. Many religious organizations offer daycares or nurseries that are often in need of toys.

- Freecycle / Yard Sale Groups: If you want to get rid of a toy quickly, use a site such as Freecycle to post items that you'd like to give away. Also, check Facebook for local yard sale groups, those are other places to get rid of toys.

- Toys for Tots:
Toys for Tots is a marine-based organization that takes new or gently used toys.
1511 North Leg Road
Augusta, Ga. 30909
Phone: (706) 922-9243

- Ronald McDonald House
The Ronald McDonald House offers lodging and facilities to families whose children are receiving care in a nearby hospital. The House makes it possible for families who may live farther away to be near their little ones in a time of need.

983 St Sebastian Way
Augusta, Ga. 30901
Phone: (706) 724-5901

MoneyCrashers also recommends that you avoid donating broken or soiled toys, items with pieces missing, used baby items designed to go in their mouths, or toys that have been recalled.

You also shouldn't donate used toys to hospitals, and don't wrap used toys.

Most toy donations can be written off as a tax-deduction, but you must catalog all the times you're donating and specifically donate to a tax-exempt organization. Ask the organization for a donation receipt when you drop off your toys, because you'll need it for your taxes.