One of the CSRA's first COVID-19 patients continues to improve -- with some additional issues

Friday, March 20, 2020
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Jason Hasty's condition continues to improve despite continued cough and congestion from COVID-19. (Source: WRDW)

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- As the number of coronavirus cases grow across Georgia and South Carolina, we wanted to give you a chance to hear more about what it's like to battle the novel infection first-hand.

Jason Hasty says he's just learned his presumptive positive coronavirus test is now considered a definite positive.

He says the first test he took is now considered an FDA-approved test rather than having to send the test off to the FDA to verify after the fact.

That was the system in place in the US until this week, which is why results have been taking so long. So while he now knows he's a confirmed case, there's a lot he still doesn't know for sure. He says his symptoms are improving but he's not sure how long he'll be contagious.

Basically, I have to wait 14 days from what amounts to March the 16, and I also am going to go by what they originally told me that if my symptoms become severe, to call them and let them know I'm coming, put on a mask, put on some gloves and come down to the emergency room,” Hasty said.

But doctors can't really tell him what other symptoms because they are learning alongside him. He says overall, while he's struggled to breathe at times, has a cough, and this pain radiating down his arm at times, he still considers his case mild and he's grateful for all the prayers.

He says he feels it's important to update the public so they can know what to expect and be prepared instead of panic.

“One thing I will say as these symptoms are changing and again, whether these things are coronavirus directly or not we really don't know. I can only tell you my personal experience is the breathing portion is better,” Hasty said. “I can tell you now when I take a deep breath and can hold it in a lot better than I could yesterday. However, in exchange for that, it seems like I have some congestion.”

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